I have been in love with photography since 1977, when I obtained my photography diploma in Lyon (France). Despite being born, more or less accidentally, in Marseille, I spent most of my childhood and adolescence in Lyon.
I have long been faithful to Minolta, with a SRT303 replaced some years later by the X700. However, when I moved to digital, I became "Nikonist", with a D70 replaced by a D300 and, recently, by the D800E.
I have not completely abandoned the "analog" world however, and I still use fairly regularly a 4"x5" view camera, which allows me to keep enjoying the mixed feelings that are typical : will the negative be properly composed, exposed, developed ? I even use a Diana F sometimes.....
I am mainly drawn to landscape photography, with of course regular and fascinating experiments with other styles. I have however always liked black and white, which remains an important medium for my photography.
I am looking for esthetics, beauty, composition, emotion, expressivity. Interested by image semiotic (thank you to Roland Barthes), I try to suggest in the image what I feel when I make (or take?) the picture.
I am a member of Zoom92130 Photoclub and have also stayed in touch with PCCS Sens, which is an active club in the Sens (Burgundy) area and where I have been member a long time. I have also been a member of Fotoklub Split (Croatia). This allows me to share the passion with other fellow photographers, something that is one of the objectives of this site.
I however have to confess, without any shame, that I still appreciate intensely the selfish pleasure that one feels when taking (or making ?) the pictures.

Some of the ideas mentioned here will be developed within the blog section.

I wish you an enjoyable visit and hope that you will appreciate my images.

Jean-Claude Gracia